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Fakemon: Lumin and Rubyk by truewitherextramode Fakemon: Lumin and Rubyk :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 2 0 Something Pear-like this way comes... by truewitherextramode Something Pear-like this way comes... :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 0 0 A sweet little Drifloon Plush by truewitherextramode A sweet little Drifloon Plush :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 2 4 Corevil by truewitherextramode Corevil :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 2 0 Nihilosmog's Soul by truewitherextramode Nihilosmog's Soul :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 0 0 I don't even know WHAT this is... by truewitherextramode I don't even know WHAT this is... :icontruewitherextramode:truewitherextramode 12 57


NextTaleAU Fanart - Shadows Watching by zRei NextTaleAU Fanart - Shadows Watching :iconzrei:zRei 18 9 Villainous gif by Pokemon1ranger1Airt Villainous gif :iconpokemon1ranger1airt:Pokemon1ranger1Airt 10 0
Pokemon in space tf rp
Since it was Star Wars day yesterday I came up with an idea one day me and you are abducted by a spaceship captained by Pokemon and we are forced to join thier crew or we can join willingly it's our choice
what pokemon Do you become?
What pokemon leads the ship your abducted by?
how do they turn you?
what kind of ship is it (space pirate, mercenaries, trading, space police that sort of thing)
do you and mc?
:iconjoelowes:Joelowes 2 843
Corrupted Wish Pokemon TFRP - The Revival!
Now, you may be thinking. "Revival? But you didn't make this before...nor is it your idea." Both true. But, the creator, neonsparkmagic has allowed me to remake this myself! So, here we go!
You spot a flier at your local Pokemon Center. It is decorated with a mystical looking wispy border. It reads:
“Ever want something you knew you could never have?
Movie star looks
Extra intelligence
Of course, everyone has wishes. You can have one of yours granted! Just visit me today! No appointment needed. Please only one per visitor.”
It goes on to list an address. You arrive at a homely cottage in the woods near your town. You go to the door and ring the bell, a wish ready in your head.
Your wish:
Method of TF:
Other effects:
The wish will determine which Pokémon you get. Remember, this can be tricky! Oh yeah, and as always, no 18+ unless I know you well enough.
:iconwolfiortg:WolfiorTG 4 328
Request : Moonstone Pond (Lunala tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was a cold spring night in the woods of Marshall. The nocturnal Pokemon were out and about. Overhead, Kaleigh heard the soft calls of the Hoothoot, and on the ground next to her as she walked aimlessly through the woods, the chatter of the Sableye.
    Kaleigh was a Pokemon trainer, and a reasonably good one at that. She had obtained 6 badges, and while tomorrow was supposed to be the day she earned her 7th badge, Kaleigh got lost in the Marshall area, stuck in the dark and menacing forest, having strayed far from the trail earlier in the day when a Spinarak scared her off. The slightest movement made the young trainer jump, the rustling of leaves, or even a shadow in the moon’s ever present glow.
    The girl shivered as the crisp mountain air of the nighttime encased her. She should have made it to Marshall by now. She should have arrived at the Lamplight Inn, she should have
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 6 2
Day Care Secrets by ZoDy Day Care Secrets :iconzody:ZoDy 136 60 Comic by SavDraws Comic :iconsavdraws:SavDraws 249 42 Ask Loopis And Peri the mythical dragons by DragonToons Ask Loopis And Peri the mythical dragons :icondragontoons:DragonToons 6 2
Fandom worlds tf rp
This is a very large rp that i have made, basically any game, movie, tv show, franchise, etc. is allowed for tfs and tgs as long as it is not mature.
Again however....
Some Examples Via Recent Ones and More
1. Fnaf and Fangames
2. Undertale and Aus
3. Tattletale
5. Any big recent game
6. Mario and Luigi/Paper Mario/Mario Rpg Games
7. Bendy and the Ink Machine
8. Pokemon
9. OFF and it's fangames
10. YOUTUBE (I'll explain)
11. Minecraft (and Story Mode)
12. Elder Scrolls
13. Fallout
14. Terraria and Star bound
15. Star Wars
16. Splatoon
17. Marvel and Dc
18. Sonic
19. Avatar
20. Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece, any anime like them
21. Gravity Falls
22. Hobbit and LORD OF THE RINGS *BEEP*!
23. Spooky's House of Jump scares
24. Creepypasta
25. Okami
1. No Mature
2. No Sexual Content
:icongmquilmataalpha:GMQUilmataalpha 1 1,354
Pokemon TF RP 2
I'm having fun with the first one, so let's make a second! :D
OPTION 1: We're walking down the street, when suddenly we're knocked unconscious. When we wake up, we're in some sort of laboratory strapped to a table. After the TF, you can't speak English anymore.
OPTION 2: You're just walking around, minding your own business, when a portal suddenly opens up beneath you. You turn into a Pokémon, and I end up catching you, bringing you on an adventure. Something small and carryable is preferred. Speaking English is optional.
:bulletred:I hate being the one to end RPs, so I will use a three strike system. Three strikes and I end the RP. I will let you know if you get a strike.
:bulletred:No vore or other fetishes. I'm not into that kind of stuff.
:bulletred:No mature. I'm also not really into that.
:bulletred:The Pokemon you pick MUST be first evolution. No legendaries, mythicals, or fakemon please.
:bulletred:Side effects not allowed are AP, WG, Split, Mic
:iconemerald4713:Emerald4713 6 3,768
Rime Tree Tutorial by PascalCampion Rime Tree Tutorial :iconpascalcampion:PascalCampion 324 34 Plasma Wisp TF by Spray-POKA Plasma Wisp TF :iconspray-poka:Spray-POKA 74 12
7 Days of RiME
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:icongo:GO 595 790
Pokemon ask 60 by Lbely Pokemon ask 60 :iconlbely:Lbely 4 5 Reference- Fez by FezMangaka Reference- Fez :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 56 15 Nihilego pokemon plushie by chocoloverx3 Nihilego pokemon plushie :iconchocoloverx3:chocoloverx3 24 4



Does anyone else remember Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion? That one Smash Bros clone?
Fakemon: Lumin and Rubyk
Name: Lumin
Category: Rhythmblock Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Pokedex Entry: It is rumored that this Pokemon originates from a dimension where puzzles and music are unified in harmony.

Name: Rubyk
Category: Puzzlecube Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Pokedex Entry: It uses its four speakers to emit otherworldly music. People can't help but dance whenever they hear this music.
All new member has been added with the addition of new skin, BrashThe newest addition to Puzzle and Music! by truewitherextramode
All new member has been added with the addition of new skin, BrashThe newest addition to Puzzle and Music! by truewitherextramode


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